Hal Manogue is an award-winning author of poetry, prose, and pithy sayings. He was born in Philadelphia and raised with traditional religious beliefs and rituals. 

After retiring from a world traveling career in the shoe industry, he discovered a new adventure that would take him into a world of varied religious beliefs and philosophy.

H. T. Manogue

His first book, Short Sleeves A Book for Friends, was published in 2003. Then followed

the Short Sleeves collection, Short Sleeves Insights, Living Behind the Beauty Shop

The Butterfly Ball, and his latest book, Bed Bosh & Beyond.  Additionally, Hal’s poems can be found in magazines such as: Mystic Pop Magazine, Children of the New Earth Magazine, New Age Tribune, Seasons of the Soul Newsletters, The Ascension Network, LightshipNews, and Writers of the Sky E-zine.  

​Critics agree that Hal will take you on fascinating philosophical journeys. Your guides are the folks you’ve known all your life. You will laugh, cry, wonder, and even get angry on your journey. But, where you arrive at its end will certainly surprise you. 

Shortsleeves Presents:
The Inspirational Work Of H. T. Manogue