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Shortsleeves Website Anna Jaap Bio 9_26_19

I’m a big Anna Jaap fan. When Bed Bosh And Beyond became a reality the only fitting cover had to be Anna’s “In The Presence of a Pear.” The work represents the fearful feeling we have about death. The fear of judgment compliments of our maker. Anna shows the folly in that fearful feeling.

Anna Jaap received her BFA Magna Cum Laude from Lipscomb University in 1987 with an emphasis in classical painting, photography, and French. For twenty-five years, she has maintained a continuously working studio—creating mixed media pieces informed by the historical decorative arts, literature, and a deep love of nature.

Jaap’s work hangs in museums and galleries across the United States as well as galleries across the world. Her most recent series, The Love Letters, celebrates beauty and connection in large-scale organic color fields inspired by the gesture of written language.
Anna Jaap lives and works in Nashville, not far from Leiper’s Fork.

Website: www.annajaap.com

Selected Collections and Commissions:

  • Agricultural Bank of China, New York, NY
  • Avon, New York, NY
  • Baptist Hospital, Nashville, TN
  • BentleyForbes, Chicago, IL
  • Butler Snow, Nashville, TN
  • Bruce McGraw Graphics, New York, NY
  • Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV
  • First Bank, Nashville, TN
  • Gary Lee Partners, Chicago, IL
  • Governor Phil Bredesen and Andrea Conte, Nashville, TN
  • Henredon, Chicago, IL
  • Ingram Book Company, Nashville, TN
  • INSBANK, Nashville, TN
  • Music City Center, Nashville, TN
  • The National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD
  • NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, NY
  • Paramount Pictures, Hollywood, CA
  • Primus, Nashville, TN
  • Ralph Lauren Home, Chicago, IL
  • Rogers Joseph O’Donnell, PC. Washington, D.C.
  • Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, TN
  • Tiffany, New York, NY
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN

Shortsleeves Website Chuck McHan Bio 9_26_19

Chuck McHan was well-known for his unique style of work that could be found around Nashville in the late 20th century. McHan was born in Arkansas in 1942. He played football at the University of Arkansas until he transferred to the Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida. He eventually moved to Nashville and established an art studio.

McHan’s distinctive body of work achieves an unusual dichotomy between contemporary and traditional styles. His color selections were bold and his paintings were characterized by a bright, playful “confetti” technique. For McHan, subject was of the most importance. He chose traditional, often nostalgic themes and developed them with a fresh modern perspective. Throughout his career, McHan vibrantly captured the Southern cultural scene.

His paintings depicting sporting events, music clubs & concerts, and significant Tennessee landmarks are among the most treasured of his memorable body of work. He celebrated the city of Nashville with familiar scenes of leisurely days at Centennial Park, a symphony at Carnton Mansion, a friendly gathering in Belle Meade, the Historic Franklin Monument, and the buzz of excitement at Iroquois Steeplechase.

I went to Chuck’s studio after seeing his work at a school auction. That’s when Joanie and I fell in love with Chuck’s painting, Hair set. Chuck passed before Living Behind The Beauty Shop made its debut. His rendition of his grandmother’s beauty shop was the perfect way to express the beauty shop in all of us.

Shortsleeves Website Paul Harmon’s Bio

Paul Harmon is an internationally exhibited artist who for 11 years, from 1986 to early 1998, divided his time between permanent studio/residences in Paris, France and Brentwood, Tennessee.

The Harmon work is well represented in numerous galleries, museums, major corporate and private collections in Europe, Asia, and the USA.
Collections include the Tennessee State Museum, the Tampa Museum of Art, the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Museum of the Principality of Monaco, and the city of Caen, France.

He was chosen in 1981 to represent the U.S. in the Bienal de Arte, Medellin, Colombia, SA.

In 1994, Harmon had a major exhibition of his work at the invitation of Caen, France. Curated by Galerie Déprez-Bellorget of Paris, this one-man exhibition was the official art show of the D-Day 50th anniversary remembrances.

Paul Harmon is the recipient of many major international painting awards including the Prix de la Ville de Monaco and the Prix de la Société E.J.A. at the XXIV Prix International D’Art Contemporain de Monte-Carlo. The Harmon painting Walking Man, from this exhibition/competition was chosen by Her Serene Highness, Princess Caroline of Monaco for her private collection.

In connection with the Prix de la Ville de Monaco, a canvas was commissioned by the Principality of Monaco for its permanent collection.

His work is featured in the Elmore Leonard Showtime movie “Pronto,” directed by Jim McBride, and starring Peter Falk, Glenne Headly, and James LeGros.

Paul Harmon lives and works in a 1793 National Register of Historic Places farmhouse and studio in Brentwood, Tennessee.

To see more of Paul’s work visit: www.paulharmon.com

Jorge Yances Bio

Award winning artist Jorge Yances was born in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, and educated in the United States. He was labeled a creative prodigy by art aficionados at a very early age. During his teenage years he fine-tuned his creative expression using a variety of techniques and finishes. Yances studied under several well-known Nashville artists during the early years of his career. During that time he expanded his artistic repertoire to include wood carving and Plexiglas etchings. In 1974, Yances was given the medal of bronze by the Grumbacher Company, and around the same time he became the artist in residence at the Cruciana & Rosler Gallery in Orlando, Florida. Since then, Yances work has been on display and in demand throughout the United States and South America.

Yances has the unique ability to blend physical reality with what some people call fantasy, and the result is a vision of worlds that runs parallel to this one. These worlds meet in different settings in his meticulous work. The marriage of mind over matter gives the viewer the opportunity to sense and feel more than one reality as they intermingle and come to life on the canvas. That ability has earned Yances a premier position in the Magical Realism Movement. Jorge has the uncanny ability to immerse objective thought into his unique subjective world. In that world the walls of one reality blend into the framework of other universes.

Jorge likes to describe his work this way:

“My paintings are like poems. Each work invites the viewer to make up his or her own story and allows them to see beyond the obvious into a world of endless possibilities.”

The front cover work, Path through Life, was completed in 2002. The original is 30 x 40; oil on canvas. The work is part of Yances private collection.

About The Back Cover
“Pygmy Blue”
By Bernadette Resha

Award winning artist Bernadette Resha is the epitome of extraordinary. She began her art career at a very early age thanks to her artistic maternal grandmother, and the diligence of her mother. Her painting career has been a metamorphosis of creativity. Bernadette started filling the house with childhood sketches at the age six. As she matured her work evolved into a potpourri of beauty. Her incredible pieces capture the soul of each of her subjects. Her paintings have been the talk of professional critics for over ten years. Even the Pepsi Company recognized her by work by adding one to a Pepsi can.

Art galleries in New York and throughout the Southeast display her originals at various yearly exhibits. She continues to surprise the art world with her intuitive talents and movie star personality. She has appeared on a number of Television shows, fund raising events, and she has acted in several movies. She loves playing the violin and her physical fitness achievements especially in the Special Olympics showed the world her multidimensional talents. Her positive outlook and love of life make her a role model in the world of disabilities; Nashville native, Bernadette was born with Down syndrome.

Her personal life is filled with the same high level of achievement that her work expresses. Bernadette masterfully demonstrates the fact that DS doesn’t have to be debilitating. A brief marriage and her ability to live on her own with her beloved cats shows the world that the word disability is not in her vocabulary.

Bernadette agreed to paint Pygmy Blue for the back cover of this book. The work puts a physical face on the non-physical aspects of this work.

Bernadette is currently working on her new collection with fellow Nashville artist and mentor Pam Francis. This new collection reveals yet another side of her incredible talent. For more information about Bernadette or to purchase one of her works visit: www.bernadetteresha.com.

Shortsleeves Designer Jessica Galbraith's Bio

Jessica Galbraith is a graphic designer based in North Dakota. Her love for books and magazines has given her a passion for print design. When she isn’t working on layouts or dreaming up new designs, she can be found spending time with her two children, working in the garden, and cooking. She is currently developing a website for her daughter's animal rescue group and creating a seasonal healthy living magazine. Jessica was honored to develope the front and back cover for Short Sleeves Insights, a collection of Manogue's essays written in 2007. You can reach her at leedesign@leedesign.org.