H.T. Manogue's Gallery of Divergent Thoughts

Echos From the Wind

Free-Flowing Non-Linear Expressions Of Thought

You are about to experience a group of thoughts joined in poems. These thoughts move past the boundaries created by our belief systems. The energy within each boundless thought expands a kite of awareness that freely floats in a mixture of value-fulfillment, energy transformation, spontaneity, and creativity .

Bed Bosh & Beyond

A True Enough Story

​Revised 2014 Edition

Bed Bosh & Beyond follows the life of a California Bed and Breakfast owner after he passes. Instead of meeting up with hell or heaven, he meets his star-crush George Carlin. Together Rob and George relive the events in Rob’s life in a non-judgmental way in order for Rob to see the awareness that develops from his choices.  

Black Orchid Night

A Novel Idea

A modern-day orchid grower finds herself living in a dream as a black woman right before World War II. She realizes there is more to dreams than the dream doctors say. She learns to connect with her recurring dream at will. She realizes part of her is experiencing another time in history. She is a different person on the outside, but the same on the inside.

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Short Sleeves

Spirit Songs

2008 Collection

Short Sleeves

A Book for Friends

​2006 Collection

Short Sleeves

A Book for Friends

2007 Collection

Living Behind the Beauty Shop

An Adventuresome Novel

2012 Inspirational Award Winner

My first novel screenplay follows the life of a Down syndrome boy. He becomes a gifted artist and poet thanks to his ability to connect with another dimension in his dreams. The forms of consciousness in that dimension send him messages and he writes and sometimes draws what he experiences in his dream. His moms begin to realize the boy’s Down syndrome outer personality has a direct connection to consciousness in another dimension.

 The Butterfly Ball

A Metamorphic Story 

2013 Inspirational Award Winner

Another Nashville Story. The main character experiences a sexual assault. Her father’s foster brother was the assaulter. The assault becomes a new beginning when she brings the consciousness of Butterflies into her life. She heals herself and she teaches her children the art of being one with a consciousness that’s not considered human.

Pine Cone Pandemic

With Acorn Dressing

2020 Inspirational Award Winner

A group of people attending a Nashville Mind Body Expo discover they exist in fourth-dimensional consciousness thanks to their interactions with a group of non-physical energy personalities who share their consciousness with pine and oak trees.

Achieving a sense of our fourth dimensional consciousness, gives us an opportunity to do what all the great artists, musicians, and sages do. They turned their outer personality inward and let their inner personality send them divergent thoughts that become structured convergent ideas.    That type of wisdom sharing is part of all ancient religions.

Short Sleeves Insights

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My books come from a spontaneous, free-flowing, non-linear way of thinking.

The psychologists call that thinking process Divergent Thinking.

People familiar with Seth, and other non-physical energy personalities call it vibrational harmony.

The thoughts in my books create an emergent cognitive feeling of knowing.

The knowing we are more than we imagine.

My first book was a poetry book. I wrote three Short Sleeves Book For Friends between 2006 and 2008. Like me, my poems make more sense the older they get.  My poems are fourth-dimensional thoughts in all their free-flowing, non-linear spontaneity.