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Anyone interested in expanding their consciousness should definitely read this book. Mr. Manogue through his storytelling, which centers on seven pine trees, two oak trees, and a gaggle of “believers,” expounds on the interconnections of all living things and how this realization can ultimately resolve the challenge of melding our physical personality, as we project ourselves and relate to others, and our nonphysical personality, represented by the soul/spirit. Through his writing, the author challenges the reader to become a more authentic person. The protagonists have accepted the challenge and actively embrace this mission. In a turbulent world, we all need to be more grounded. I loved the book because Mr. Manogue, through his characters, presents a good argument for awareness of our own Godliness and the Godliness of everything in our universe.  Reading this book required my complete attention; it is definitely not a beach read. I had to reread parts of the book for better understanding. I highly recommend this book and am looking forward to reading the author's other books, as well as his poetry.


by: Paige Lovitt
for Reader Views
February 2020

In “Pine Cone Pandemic: With Acorn Dressing” by H.T. Manogue, there exists a pinecone grotto where individuals have discovered that they can interact with higher level beings in the trees. The special trees are comprised of seven pinecone and two oak trees. As individuals are drawn into the grotto they discover that they can connect with these nonphysical energy personalities. The interaction with this community of higher-level energy beings aids people in disconnecting from the material world and getting in touch with their own inner personalities, which are part of the fourth dimension.

These beings communicate with others through their physical entities. They send valuable messages, many of which are shared with the outside world. These messages also enable the people to learn from each other. As people are waking up, their experiences are being known as the Pine Cone Pandemic. There is no cure for waking up. The Acorn Dressing group is comprised of energy personality translators who relay messages at the grotto. In this story, the Acorn Dressing group is made up of a group of lively, eccentric humans, who in addition to relaying special messages, they also make this an entertaining trip.

I loved reading “Pine Cone Pandemic: With Acorn Dressing.” Being new to this author, I have to admit that I had no clue what was in store for me. Because I love to go out into the woods and find strength among the trees, I really could feel myself relating to this story. The author’s writing style is engaging and stimulates a sensory experience of being in woodland splendor. Living in the desert as I do now has removed me from being able to wander off into the woods as I would like, and for my next journey into a wooded area, I plan to quiet my mind so that I can listen to what the forest might tell me. For now, I can just say that I really enjoyed visiting the forest through reading this book and the poignant, thought-provoking messages sent by the energy beings. I gained a lot of food for thought, and a great deal of material for journaling.

Readers who like to look outside of the mundane world will love, “Pine Cone Pandemic: With Acorn Dressing” by H.T. Manogue. Highly recommended reading!
ISBN# 978-0-9778130-8-7
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by: Kenya Cummings

5.0 out of 5 stars
Enlightened Awakenings on Another Level
September 25, 2019
Format: Paperback

This Book is simply amazing and exactly what the world needs in this age of enlightenment. So many people are seeking to understand themselves and their thoughts as well as how to relate to the world in this era. Pine Cone Pandemic introduces a world of beings who have taken the time to tap into their inner selves. They realize that there is a way to communicate with nonphysical energies through trees and are willing to share that experience with those who want to experience this truth. I was totally ecstatic when I began to read this book and totally intrigued as I read through it. Finally, I found a representation of my own life experiences and beliefs.

It's really hard to have these kind of conversations with so called average people. They never want to let go of their own beliefs to embrace the idea of something different and they always see you as the crazy one. This book completely explains and expresses how to let go of old thoughts and ways of thinking in order to embrace those that are conducive for ascension.

I enjoyed the characters and the storyline thoroughly. I saw myself in a few of them. H.T. Manogue never ceases to amaze me. This is just another excellent unique book to add to his collection. Like most of his books I never wanted this book to end. I gained so much knowledge and wisdom from it while enjoying a storyline. I would suggest this book for anyone who is on their journey of enlightenment and looking to understand the life of 4D at a greater level.

by:  Paul Harmon

This is the second book that Hal Manogue has asked me to paint front and back covers for. Reading the books, I knew I wanted to be a part of this venture into the inner self.

 My big bonus is being able to spend time with this creative thinker. In the course of talking about the substance of his philosophies and the suitability of various aspects of my art for the books, I was given a candid look into the rich mind of this most intriguing author. Dive in and enjoy the waters.

with acorn dressing


by:  Yemm

This is the 5th book by this author that I have read and it is by far my favorite yet.

Manogue is an excellent storyteller and this is as readable as all of his books have been. What sets this one apart is its full-on explanations about what "spirituality" actually is as contrasted (though lightly) with conventional religion.

 Its concepts will be easy for any modern reader to grasp and may change how they look at life going forward.