Our Kids On The Back Cover

The First one is Freedom
He’s Free of all resistance
All guilt, suffering, anger, hatred and judgment.
He knows who he is and that all is well.
He is Free knowing there is no wrong path on his physical journey.
By living in the NOW, he is connected to his spirit,
Spirit brings him joy and peace
The Second one is Awareness
Aware of a greater plan a broader understanding
Of her spiritual world and her physical world
And how that union works within her.
Being aware she is never alone in spirit
She understands
That her emotions and feelings guide her,
when making choices in the physical world.
She knows she is loved
And she is love.

The Third one is Connection
Realizing he is connected
to his source, to his spirit and to all life.
He knows there is no death of consciousness.
Physical death is the doorway to
full connection with his spirit, completely wrapped joy and peace
He lives in happiness, knowing who he is Now
And who he will become, beyond the doorway.
Totally enjoying that grander version of himself.

The Fourth one is Contrast
Without experiencing herself in physical form
She would be unable to expand
her thoughts and desires.
She would be unable to grow
into the next grandest version of herself.
By using her emotions and feelings
to make choices she can complete her path
In the physical world.
With her name of contrast
Comes remembering.
In remembering
Comes love of self
And all life.

In Unity
They all work in the cycle of life
In Unity they all live in joy

Short Sleeves 2007


Ace Thinks

Am I Ready For Birth
Can I Pick
A Special Body A Special Face
A Special Race
Can I Live
21st Century Time
Write A Book Learn To Cook
Ride A Bike Fly A Kite
Love To Light Humans Plight
With A Word Or A Herd
Of Angels Might
Can I Dance Create Romance
Have A Tail Ride A Whale
Be Tall Climb A Wall
Have A Ball Never Fall
Be 3 Know A Tree
Grow Some Hair Speak With Flair
Spread Some Love Everywhere
Can I Be All In One
With The Torch From Your Porch
Can I Be Just Like Thee
Yes You Can Son

My God Is Fun
Creation Is Never Done
God And Me

About Ace

Our Trademark
Ace represents the child we all Know
The tremendous creator we have within us.
He signifies the high feelings of well being
We came equipped with when we started our path
In this physical world.
A for Awareness
C for Connected
E for Energy
My goal is to be like Ace with great worthiness
And love for all life.
To act as the child who knows no fear
Who knows no anger
Who knows no judgment.
Who fills days with works of joy and connection
For himself and for all he meets.
His level of experiencing joy and happiness in life
Changes with
Each thought of kindness
Each breathe of truth
Each wish of freedom.
To be who he is
All That IS
For eternity.
His daily prayer is:
My Will Is To Will God’s Will
In Every Cell Of My Body
To Be That I Which I Am
God’s Evolving Plan

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