H.T. Manogue's Gallery of Divergent Thoughts

Bed Bosh & Beyond


Pity is for the living, envy is for the dead.
Mark Twain

“It’s a blessing and a curse to be a light sleeper,” he thought.

The aging wood floors and the steps leading to the second floor in his
Victorian home had secrets to share, and so did every guest that booked a
room in his family owned bed and breakfast. He had heard more than his
fair share of tales, truths, gossip, and secrets over the last twenty-four
years so nothing surpri sed him anymore. Nothing but the sound that death
makes when it rings the bell of silence.

Robert William McGann's bell rang a couple of weeks before the official
close of winter in 2013, but his mind was still functioning as usual, or at
least he thought it was. Rob, everone called him Rob, slowly turned his
greying Fu Manchu bearded face toward the nightstand and looked at the
clock. It was five in the afternoon. It was time to get up and finish one of
his computer programming projects before he had his signature tomato
gravy over pasta dinner with his wife, Dottie. But, something was wrong.
He got up, but his two-hundred and fifty-five pound body stayed in bed.
He was floating around the room in what felt like a body, but it was not
the same body. He immediately thought about the line his two-year-old
nephew C.J. used when he visited Nashville the year before. C.J.
watched Rob take his usual afternoon nap on the family living room sofa.
The boy smiled and looked up at Dottie as they put Lego's together on
the hardwood floor in front of the sofa. C.J.'s next words would be
forever etched in the minds of all family members.

“Uncle Rob forgot to wake up.”

Dottie laughed out loud and woke Rob up. Dottie caught her breath and
grabbed C.J. and hugged him.

“Uncle Rob’s just taking a longer nap than usual, honey. He didn’t forget
to wake up.”

C.J. looked at Rob again and smiled.

Rob knew that C.J’s words sure fit his current debacle.

“This can’t be hell.” He thought. “But it sure doesn’t look like heaven

He felt a presence but wasn’t sure what it was. He tried to get a handle on
his mental state, but he was confused. Was he dead, or was he still alive?
Suddenly the answer flowed through him. He felt peaceful, alert and joyful.
Then he heard a familiar voice, and it was coming from his own mind.

“I guess you know why they call us Man’s best friend, now. Even death
doesn’t stop us from being close to you. You never thought you would have
us as guides on this side, did you?”

He tried to identify the voice, but he couldn’t. The voice came again.

“It’s us, Rob. It’s Wagon, Train, Brando and Dante. We’re here to
help you make this part of your life comfortable just like you did for us.
You might say we’re angels in this state of being.”

Rob’s mind was twirling around as this inner-voice spoke to him.
Suddenly he was gone from his room. He was sitting at what appeared
to be his desk. He sat there and wondered why his dogs were speaking
so he could understand them. Their past habit of barking was replaced
with cohesive thoughts.

Somehow he focused on the images of his dogs. They were standing right
in front of him wagging their tails. He just wasn’t sure where this front

“God! My life certainly included a series of dogs. I didn’t realize how
close you guys are to my maker, I guess I should have fed you better. By
the way, where is my maker, and what are you guys doing here? You’re
not lying around anymore, are you? That was your job when you couldn’t
talk, right?”

“You always said that a dog’s life was the best life, especially when you moved

to California. You said you wanted to see us on the other side and
here we are. You don’t have to worry about diddley squat anymore. We’ll
answer all your questions with some help. First, we’re here to tell you that
your maker is within you and all of us.”

“Where are we, guys? Can I be with Mom and the rest of the family now?”

“We are in the area called the region of choices, Rob. It is a reality where
you can make your transition and adjust your focus. There’s a bunch of
realities to experience. We call some of them over-here and over-there.
They are conscious environments where different laws apply. These laws
are far less limiting than man-made laws. It’s our job to help you
understand them so you can use all your new-found freedom.”

Rob tried to laugh and then talk, but the dogs continued.

“Your family is with you. They are in your mind or consciousness. That’s
where they have always been. You will interact with them. You can relive
any past experience or you can go back and change experiences if you
want. After all, you are the one that created all that stuff in the first

“Is this my first annual over-here meeting? This is an annual state isn’t it?”

“This is an eternal state, Rob. It is a state of becoming. You can continue
and live other physical lives once you adjust your focus, or you can use
your focus in other systems of reality. But for now you will remain in this
transition state. In order to adjust your focus, you will examine the
physical existence you left behind. You will learn that all you experiences
were the result of your own emotions and thoughts. You will sense how the
electromagnetic energy in those actions affected others. When you realize
the meaning and the significance of your beliefs, you will be ready to
experience other actions within various regions of consciousness.”

“I’m not sure I know how you’re going to do all that, and for that matter I
wouldn’t know what I could do about it if I did. Okay just tell me what I
look like now, will ya guys?”

“Well you look like Rob, but your image is not the same kind of image
here. You see us as dogs now, but we are really much more than dogs.

We are a gestalt of consciousness, which means we are connected to the
wisdom and knowledge within all consciousness. There are others you
know and don’t know here with us. We are all here to help you.”

“That’s comforting. I guess looking like Rob in this state does have some
perks. Are you saying I don’t have to change my old image, but I can
change that image if I want to look different? I guess there aren’t any
mirrors in this state, so it really doesn’t matter, right?”

“You can look like the young Rob again, or you can choose another image.
You just can’t use that image in the physical world anymore. You can even
choose to experience heaven, but it gets pretty boring in that state or you
can visit hell if you believe you need it. But, those experiences are
temporary. Remember you are in a state of becoming. Death is not a final
resting place. You must use your abilities to expand and face up to the
abilities you didn’t use while you were in that old body. Heaven and hell
are for religious folks. They will learn that doing nothing or suffering for
the sake of believing in sin is an old wives’ tale. Most folks move on to
other experiences very quickly. Remember quickly is not measured in time
here. It is measured in the action of your consciousness.”

“I guess I should have believed all those California bumper stickers that
said: If you can dream it you can do it. It seems like I’m dreaming and I’m
doing IT now; whatever that IT is.”

“Just like in the dream state there is no hypocrisy here, Rob. Whatever you
do you will do in truth. Communication through the inner sense
of telepathy functions without distortion here. You will deal with your
friends and family using complete truth. Your motives in life will be shared
without judgment.”

Suddenly the voice of the dogs was silent, and in the flash of a nanosecond,
Rob’s birth was front and center. He felt the loving arms of his mother as
she laid in the stale looking hospital room in Philadelphia. The first five
years of his life played with him in the same manner. He relieved every
experience, and every person in his young life was alive again.

Rob watched his five year old self hold his puppy, King, and he felt the
warmth of his new friend and thought,

“I wonder if King is in that voice.”

“I’m here too, Robbie.” The family called him Robbie when he was a
small boy.

A puppy stepped in front of the bigger dogs.

He suddenly remembered where he heard the sound of the dog’s deep
voice. It was at a George Carlin concert. The voice of the dogs was
George Carlin’s voice. Rob loved Carlin and his views about life. He used
a lot of George’s ideas in his own life.

“Is George Carlin in that, what did you call it, gestalt with you?”

The voice tone changed.

“I bet you never thought we would meet. We were friends in a few other
lives. You just don’t remember them yet. We have always shared the
same opinion about things especially when religion and politics are
discussed as well as other man-made bullshit.”

Rob felt George’s connection.

“Hey George you can’t use that kind of language here can you? I thought
this was a sacred place or some kind of holy area.”

“I know. You’re just caught up in that old establishment game of good
words and bad words. I’m using telepathy to talk to you now. You are
translating my words based on how I talked when I was pumping oxygen.
There are no good words or bad words. They are just thoughts that
produce perceptions and ideas. You still have that ability here. The only
difference is you don’t have to judge what you think because the truth will
be front and center.”

Rob hesitated.

“We did have the same ideas about a lot of crap they tried to make us
believe, but I guess I got more conservative in my older years because of
the girls.”

“Yeah, you defected as you got older. When you were younger you hated
the establishment. But that religious crap was always a thorn in your
mind. You know those fanatical freaks can make a 911 operator not want
to answer the call.”

“Am I making you say all those words? You sound like the old George
not a gestalt of consciousness whatever that is. I thought the dogs said this
was a place of acceptance and joy. What am I missing?”

“You wanted to meet your dogs again, so we formed an image of them for
you. It was our way of welcoming you to this state. If you saw me first, you
would have freaked out. We created a mini gestalt for you. That’s called
diversity of action. Diversity is what we use to expand and grow physically,
and you still have some of that in you because of your beliefs. The contrast
stimulates your expansion. If we all wanted to be caterpillars, the
butterflies wouldn’t exist. That’s why we created all these religions. Just
when you thought you knew the meaning of life, religion changes it. Mass
religions give man a purpose and a plan. But most of those poor lemmings
don’t know the plan is filled with bullshit. Yes, I said bullshit again. They
don’t understand they can experience several different realities in life, and
they sure don’t want us to know we can experience different environments
after death because the church gets paid
for promoting sameness not individuality. The only thing they get partially
right is the angels, but even then they paint them with judgmental brushes.
We are all angels. One man’s Jesus may not look like another man’s Jesus
but the Jesus consciousness is in all of us. Religion wants
us to fight about men like Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha and the others. But
when you look at the truth, you realize all the stories about those guys are
basically the same. We make shit up and then we believe it. Then we turn
beliefs into a man-made truth. You are about to learn what truth is my
friend, and we will help you along the way even though the actual teacher
is you.”

The next thirty-one years of Rob’s life suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
He watched himself experience his grade school and high school
adventures once again, and he began to see how he changed as his beliefs
about his experiences changed. Then his short naval experience, his years
living in Florida, his early work efforts with his father, and his love for
computers and their programs appeared out of nowhere. His marriage, the
birth of his daughters and buying his first home were front and center in
his mind, and his best friends were around him this time. Every person he
ever had contact with was there, and every physical experience was
captured exactly the way it happened.

He thought about Carlin’s words. The truth was before him now. He

watched as he lied, cheated and played with other people’s emotions. He
felt a twinge of remorse.

“I guess I died because I swallowed too much egotistical spit over the last
fifty-eight years.”

“That’s sounds like one of my lines, Rob”

Rob felt the humor, and continued to watch himself love, hate, rejoice
and fear as each experience played in front of him. He was there in every
scene, and he began to accept what he created in a non-judgmental
manner. Each scene was filled with the brilliant intensity of life. He
realized his life was packed with messages.

A sense of calm and contentment wrapped him in a bubble of knowing as
he continued to watch the physical side of his life. He was beginning a
new chapter in his life, in this region of choices, and he was surrounded
by the feeling of joy.

“Can I be a dog now, George?”

Carlin’s voice responded.

“You’re already wagging your own tale now, buddy. Get ready for
where it takes you.”