H.T. Manogue's Gallery of Divergent Thoughts

Echos Of The Wind

And Write All The Wrongs In Dynamic Tension
With Pen That Wanders Through Poetry’s Pension.
Black And White Thoughts Gather In Exquisite Manifestations
That Fill A Void With Miraculous Temptations.
Singed With Art Of Self Appreciation
Word After Word Describes
Essence In Creation.


I’m Voting Today.
 I’m Voting For Self-Love.
My Inner Self-Love.
 I’m Casting My Vote For Connection.
 My Inner Connection.
The Connection I Know Intuitively.
 It’s Not A Partial Connection
Filled Fabricated Truths.
 And It’s Not Someone Else’s
Love Of Conformity.

I’m Voting Today

Moving Through Experiences
With The Force Of Consciousness
Brings Time To A Moment
Where All Love And Lovers Exist.
Embracing Intense Diversity,
The Lovers Rejoice
In Creative Synchronicity.
Dressed In Heat-Filled Synchronicity,
Lovers Capture Time In Moments Of Allowance,
And Toast Another Year.

Moments Of Allowance