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by:  Janet Boyer

August 24, 2006

Short Sleeves lives in life cycles of words and images, seeking to unite the essence of this world and the next as it unfolds before us. The poems bring thoughts of love and friendship from both worlds together, within the confines of linear time and space. There is no perfect time of perfect place to invite poetry into your world, but it will be the right time when you do."

Short Sleeves: A Book for Friends2006 Edition is a delightful book of poetry by Hal Manogue. Playful yet profound, Hal's words invite the inner child to frolic, smoothes the jagged edges of life, and nourishes the soul on a deep level. Featuring over 100 poems, the author offers gentle metaphysical insights into love, positive thinking, intention, the laws of attraction, nature, God, present moment awareness, and much more.

Although Hal's poems are presented in a rather unusual arrangement (reminds me a bit of e.e. cummings), his words reach past the intellectual mind to a place where all beings are connected in a state of peace, awareness, and love. I enjoyed reading these poems, and appreciate the wonderment that Hal's poetry awakens.


2006 Collection
ISBN# 0-9778130-0-2