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by:  Janet Boyer

April 9, 2007

For poet H.T. Manogue, 2006 was a year of change-change of thinking about who he was and how he saw the world. In his second collection of poetry, Short Sleeves: A Book for Friends2007, many of Hal's poems in this volume vibrate with the possibility that radiates from change.

Themes of forgiveness, unity, love and the cycles of life underscore the pervading theme that all is one, now is eternity, and we are co-creators with the Divine. Whether paying homage to penguins in the poem Flightless ("Dressed in suite of black and white, a touch of orange to show your class"), or swimming in an ocean in self love where "Now I am an island surrounded by myself", Hal reminds us of the grandeur of the Ground of Being from which all things arise.

Sometimes playful but always wise, Hal's poems give us kaleidoscope glasses allowing new perspectives and fresh ways of being in the world. His poem, I Am, reminds me a bit of Shel Silverstein:

"I am brown I am green
I am tall I am a wall
I am bark Iam an ark
I am roots I am leaves
I am a fort I am a floor
I am the opening for a door
I am you I am me
Connected branches
A Tree"

Reminiscent of Rumi, Hal shows that he is in love with God and in love with reality. He writes in I Dance Everyday:

"I dance everyday
With spirit
Solo we waltz
To the music of love
And then we twist
With God
On the dance floor
Of Eternity."

Filled with over 100 poems, Short Sleeves: A Book for Friends 2007 is a delightful romp with Spirit, reminding us not to take ourselves, or life, so seriously. Yet, Hal's poems also acknowledges difficult circumstances like war-a mirror reflecting our projected aggression, judgementalism, and conformity.


2007 Collection
ISBN# 0-9778130-1-0