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by:  Janet Riehl

November 19, 2008

"Short Sleeves: Spirit Songs", by H.T. Manogue marks his fourth published book of poetry and forges a slightly new direction from his former subtitle "a book for friends:. I've always felt these writings were more properly considered as philosophical observations-tracks on Manogue's path to greater spiritual realization. Many teachers recommend keeping a book of insights. This collection of Spirit Songs is even more clearly that: jottings on openings of Manogue's spiritual path which he generously shares here with his readers, his friends. The poems are presented with centered text on the page.

One of my favorite poems, "A Splash of Energy" has these lines, characteristic of Manogue's style: "Elegant elements/Of Consciousness/Elope in Grandeur/Embarking/With the Essence/Of Expansion".

Here's a "better together" suggestion. Read "Short Sleeves Spirit Songs" with Hals's book "Short Sleeves Insights 
Live an Ordinary Life in a Non-Ordinary Way" released Spring 2008. These essays ground and amplify the poetic jottings in "Short Sleeves: Spirit Songs".


2008 Collection
ISBN# 978-0-9778130-2-5