H.T. Manogue's Gallery of Divergent Thoughts

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by:  T. Bellows

August 27, 2008

Hal Manogue has done heartfelt research to gather wonderful quotes - as true helpers for our lives. What he passes on for us amounts to the rarest of gifts: the insights of a soul who has lived the notions he features in this collection. H serves up the words of greats like Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Rumi, emerson, Rilke, and even writers of rare old Indian fables. The author's commentaries and introductions to the passages show such keen vital insights. One I like tells of holding two conscious planes in mind simultaneously. When he looks at them as "one and the same, wisdom and foolishness are almost identical. They are indifferent to the world around them."

This is a book to keep by the bedside - as a spiritualizing prompt for the sleep state. Maybe even as a gateway to soul's inner voyages to the ultimate.

by:  James P. Vozekas

June 12, 2008

What was important in our lives used to mean just that...what was important. Many of us have lost the meaning in that message, not Hal Manogue. He takes us to the essence of what it is that our life is about and allows us to find our own path to what we really need in life. He helps the reader become free of the restraints imposed by the pressures of the world and actively pursue the goals of happiness and spirituality necessary for our own peace on Earth. I recommend this book to anyone wondering what life is about. i look forward to reading more from this gifted writer and spiritual advisor.

by:  Kathleen Jacoby

June 11, 2008

Years ago I met a poet online by the name of Hal Manogue. Hal wrote wonderful observations couched in poetry, and we began an e-mail exchange related to ideas and inquiry. During the time we corresponded it was evident to me that Hal had a capacity for prose that would incorporate his poetic spirit, but develop thoughts in a way that would provide grand insights for others. He began a BLOG, incorporating thoughts of famous people throughout history, and renewed them with his insights that bor significance for us today. Out of this, a book was born, and I am more than pleased to recommend it. I was honored to write a tetimonial for his book jacket, and will share it with you here:

"Out of the ashes the Phoenix arises, and out of the Poet, the universe is birthed. Hal Manogue introduces us to the words of great poets, philosophers and writers through the ages, and then adds his eloquent obervations to awaken us to our own wondrous gift of being.

"I have watched the unfolding of this remarkable talent, and am in awe of Hal's ability to take and remke what was past into a meaningful present and vibrant future. This book is a daily reminder of who we are and what we were designed to become. It fills in the blanks and opens the way for any and all possibilities. Read and digest it in joy!"

You can pick up the book and open to any page at random, receiving a powerful reminder of your potential in easily digestible portions.

by:  Yvonne Perry

May 31, 2008

Many people believe that they have no say in how their life evolves. They think that God, fate, chance, or genes have control of their earthly journey. In this book, you will learn that we are co-creators of our own lives and circumstances by the choices we make.

After reading this book, I believe that peace on earth is possible if we will only find this peace within our own silence  our own inner being that is connected to ALL THERE IS. To become the master of our lives, we must stop seeing ourselves as separate from God or one another. By simply changing our thoughts, we cange things around us.

Like a modern day Rumi, Hal builds on the quantum science theory that we are living many lives simultaneously in other dimensions or planes of reality. He uses nature, animals, and daily events to draw conclusions about enlightenment and awareness. The insights in this book can change your life.


2009 Collection
ISBN# 978-0-9778130-3-2